EXPAND CONSULTING, mindset and strategy coaching for businesses and individuals. Expand specialises in assisting entrepreneurs, businesses and individuals to create significant changes and results. Mindset and strategy coaching works on varying levels to assist in wealth creation, greater productivity, conflict resolution, leadership development and increased efficiencies. Expand is not your standard business consultant or life coach, we work on transforming levels of success using a variety of mindset tools and other powerful principles and methods.

Business Success Business Success

Do you have specific challenges you want to resolve in your business? Or would like to take things to an entirely new level? Expand’s methods outshine the traditional business consultants by delving further into the psychology of business success, the mindset behind unlocking your hidden keys to success as well as specialised strategies to create extraordinary results.

Individual Success Individual Success

Are you are looking to gain maximum overall results in your personal and/or career life? Do have a specific challenge that you are dealing with and would like to quickly resolve? Expand’s mindset and growth strategy techniques unlock the hidden keys to success that will assist you to powerfully achieve your desired results

I have been a client of Sridhar’s for just over two months. As a registered Clinical Psychologist for over 30 years, I have worked a lot on my personal growth and development. Whilst these were beneficial, Sridhar’s mastery and clarity of what works in this area has exceeded past experiences. Specifically unhelpful thoughts I have known about were again identified, but this time the work with Sridhar eliminated them. One example is the longstanding thought I was responsible for my son’s drug abuse. After working with Sridhar I was free of this thought for the first time in my life. It was a liberating experience. There are other such examples. I have no hesitation in recommending people work with Sridhar if they want extraordinary transformation in their life.


Dr. Barbara Tooth, Sydney Australia

Since working with Sridhar and Expand, I have developed key leadership and management skills, gotten clear on my business plan and broken this down into realistic and achievable goals. I have also become much more financially suave, started various savings and investment accounts and started to develop some previous ideas into additional financial projects.

Over the past year, I have turned my business around, expanded into larger office space, increased turnover, taken on new staff to deal with additional workflow, and started to attract larger clients and contracts.

I am delighted to have worked with Expand and have gained immense experience, knowledge and clarity from doing so. I would recommend working with Sridhar and Expand to anyone wishing to develop their professional and personal lives.

Declan Murphy – owner DM Arch Architects, Bilbao, Spain